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Plant Prices and Shipping Information

Galon and Band SizeOur Guarantee
We guarantee our plants to be true to name, to be healthy and to be ready to grow upon delivery. Please be advised that we do not guarantee roses against the rigors of extremely cold winter weather. Please notify us within 10 days if there is a problem with your plants. We will replace at no cost to you if you report
a problem at this time. After 10 days, should you lose a plant, please let us know. If you have followed our care & planting instructions, but the plant has failed to thrive, we will provide
a free replacement, but ask that you cover shipping and Ag Inspection fees. We know you will be pleased with your plants.

Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy. Any information you submit to us will never be given, used, shared or sold to anyone.
Additionally, during the checkout portion our pages are secured with Thawte SSL to ensure your information is encrypted and safe.

What pot sizes we grow in, and how we ship our plants:
We offer roses in 5-6 inch deep pots known as bands, as well as in one gallon pots. A band plant compared to a one gallon plant is shown in the picture to the right, with the gallon on the left and the band on the right. Size and maturity will vary, and there can be substantial differences depending on a variety's natural growth tendencies. Some of the rarest, most sought after roses we grow are smaller than the plants illustrated, because they are by nature slower to develop. The cost of shipping bands is substantially less than the cost for shipping gallon plants. Plants in bands are shipped year round to all states via USPS Priority Mail. All custom root roses will be shipped in the 5-6 deep pot or band containers, when they have been propagated and we have grown them to a mature band size

Getting the best value for shipping costs:
Our band sized plants are shipped in boxes which hold multiples of four; four, eight, twelve and sixteen plants. Our shipping prices break at these multiples. Therefore, whenever you order in groups of four plants, you will pay less per plant. One plant costs the same to ship as four; thirteen cost the same as sixteen, etc. For specific shipping costs, consult our chart and table at the bottom of this page.

Our currently available roses cost $25.00 per plant in gallon containers, $14.95 to $16.95 for plants in 5-6 inch deep pots (bands), and $17.95 to $25.95 for some rare and hard to root roses in bands. Our custom root roses cost $45.00, including shipping. We do not charge any handling fees, but customers in states which require agricultural inspections, must pay the $11.00 Agricultural Inspection fee on each order we ship. Those states are currently: AL, AR, AZ, FL, ID, LA, NC, MS, NJ, OR, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV.

When will your roses ship?
Roses that are listed as "Currently Available" are in stock for shipping this season. We normally accept orders to ship at the date you request. Please give us a week to ten days to schedule a shipment. It is rare that we are able to schedule a shipment less than a week from the day we receive your online order. Remember, we are dealing in living plants, and their needs always come first, even sometimes ahead of your need to have them in your hands.

We ship year round, every month, and nearly every week. Occasionally holidays that fall on Mondays will interrupt our schedule, particularly if you are east of the West Coast. When we release our new crops between September and December, some items will not be ready to ship until the following spring. We will notify you of this and provide the ship date that we plan to ship on.

"Custom Root" roses are propagated especially to your request from our rose collection and can take from 8 months to 24 months to deliver, and sometimes longer. We notify you personally when "custom-root" plants are ready to ship. Orders may be cancelled at any time with a full refund. We are currently limiting acceptance of Custom Root orders to our production season, from June through early August. This allows us to accept an order for a rose, root it that season and have it ready to ship to you by the following spring. Please do not hesitate to ask us about specific roses you would like to have custom grown for you, as we are able to assess our mother plants and tell you if we believe that rose will be available for custom rooting in the coming season.

May I Add to My Order?
We are happy to add to your order, and when you do so you may be able to
make better use of our four packs. Be aware however that plants added will
be charged at full price, and are NOT eligible for our dollar off discount
Additions and changes to orders with free plant specials will void the free
plant option. SPECIALS

We require payment with each order, including shipping fees and 8% state sales tax if you are ordering from California. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover; please include your card number and expiration date on the order form. Always be sure that you provide us with the correct address for the card you are using. Once plants have been shipped we can no longer accept returns. If there is a problem with the condition of your plants, please contact us within ten (10) days to arrange for a refund. After ten (10) days we are happy to refund on any plants received in poor condition, but we cannot refund the cost of shipping or replace plants without the reshipping charges being paid. If you wish to cancel your order, you must do so before plants are shipped.

We will Confirm your order:
Once your order has been pulled we will confirm your order by email with scheduled shipping date, as close to your requested date as possible. If out of stock on an item we will substitute only from your own list of alternatives. If out of stock of one gallons in your request we will substitute 5-6 inch deep pots unless you specify otherwise. Once it is pulled and confirmed your order will be charged. Custom root orders will be confirmed by post.

Current Shipping Dates:
Orders for bands and gallons are shipped together via the US Postal Service, Priority Mail. We ship nearly every week of the year except when Postal Holidays fall on Mondays, and during Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. Orders will be shipped as soon as plants are ready to travel, normally within ten days. If you live in a cold winter climate and prefer spring shipping, please be advised that we will hold orders over the winter but they must then be shipped by June 30th.

Determining shipping charges:
We are now shipping bands and gallons together in the same box. Our boxes hold one, two, three, or four shipping units. First find the first three numbers in your zip code in the chart below. Your shipping zone will be at the top of the column that has a number match for your zip code.

Zone1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
Once you know your shipping zone refer to the second or lower chart for the cost of shipping Band or Gallon roses to your address. We ship in units that are either a single one gallon plant or 1-4 Bands. For example an order with 1 One gallon plant and 3 Bands equal two shipping units. An order with 3 Bands would equal one shipping unit. An order with 9 bands equals 3 shipping units. Ordering Bands in blocks of four will save you shipping costs. Your current shipping cost is always displayed on your invoice as you order plants. If you are unsure of how we ship our plants just start an online order, as you add or subtract plants your shipping is automatically displayed.

Number of Items Zone 1,2,3 Zone 4 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
1-4 Bands or 1 Gallon = 1 shipping unit 13.75 15.75 20.00 21.50 23.75
5-8 Bands or 2 Gallons = 2 shipping units 20.50 23.75 34.00 37.50 42.00
9-12 Bands or 3 Gallons = 3 shipping units 27.00 30.75 45.00 48.00 54.50
13-16 Bands or 4 Gallons = 4 shipping units 31.75 38.00 52.00 56.60 65.50

Order Early! Processing your order takes us two weeks. Your order must be in our hands two weeks prior to the last shipping date for your area. See above for those dates. This insures that your plants will arrive in perfect condition.

International Shipping Information and Requirements

Orders from current availability:
We will accept orders for any rose that is currently available, either in the band sized pots or in the gallons, to be shipped bareroot between mid November and mid February. These are available at our current online prices. Orders may be placed any time prior to the November through February bare-rooting period for shipping in the coming season. There is no plant minimum. We have a ten plant minimum handling fee of $100.00 added to the cost of the roses, for root washing and phytosanitary preparation. If the order is for more than 10 plants, each plant over ten plants would add ten dollars to the handling fee. If the order is less than 10 plants, there is still a $100.00 handling fee. Other costs include $100.00 for the international phytosanitary certificate, and the shipping charges. We will notify you after your order is placed to confirm the actual shipping charges. The Phytosanitary fees are subject to change, and beyond our control. At the time of shipping your roses we will bill the current fees we are charged. The cost of the roses and the handling fee are due at the time of order placement, the phytosanitary fee and the shipping fees will be billed on the day the order is shipped. Most shipments will travel via the Postal Service, International Priority Mail. Contact us for additional information.

Orders for Custom Propagation:
We will accept orders for any rose to be custom propagated at our normal price of 45.00 per plant to be grown for you and shipped between mid November and mid February bareroot from the band sized pots only. We will not pot up the roses and grow them on into gallons. The same minimums and extra charges will be required as in the currently available orders explained above.

Recommendations and Guaranties:
We do not guarantee any roses shipped outside the United States. International orders are placed with the understanding that we will not replace or refund any roses or monies if there are any problems during shipping or with the plants. We will only replace them or refund if they are mislabeled.
We recommend the gallon sized pots rather than the band size as we have found that the larger root ball does better during the bare-rooting process and the shipping transit time. However, custom orders are not filled with gallon plants, but with the smaller, band-sized plants only.

International Phytosanitary Certificates and Import Permits:
Most countries require plants to be inspected prior to shipping by the US Agricultural authority, and they must be accompanied with an original phytosanitary certificate. Some countries also require an import permit for individuals or businesses to import plants from the US. All required paperwork is the responsibility of the customer. We will alert our agricultural inspectors, but they do not always know the most current requirements for each country.
Shipping Season
For International Orders shipped outside the USA we ship our roses only for a very brief time, during the months of December, January and early February.
Thank you, Vintage Garden


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