Rosa moschata f. Temple Musk MUSKS
(Rosa moschata f. Temple Musk shown)

There are several forms of the Musk Rose, Rosa moschata, both single and double. They have been cultivated in European and American gardens for centuries, and though they seemed to have disappeared some years ago, but have been rediscovered. These are large spreading shrubs which can also be encouraged to climb if grown in shade. They begin to flower after the main rose bloom, but continue until late Fall. Their flowers are white and exhude a spicy, musky perfume. Excellent garden plants in their own right, the Musks are parents of the old Noisette roses, which in turn produced the climbing roses we call Tea-Noisettes.

The Musk Roses, being sports from one original form have a very uniform habit of growth;
1) upright, vase shaped shrubs with large to enormous clusters of flowers (a hundred blooms in a cluster is not uncommon), and in full sun are shapely and self-supporting to 6' to 8' tall and often as broad. In shade, they will stretch and can be thus encouraged to climb up to 15' or more, making handsome companions to trees and larger shrubs.

Growth Habit