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Vintage Gardens Complete Catalogue of Antique and Extraordinary Roses

Our Complete Catalogue is a descriptive compendium of nearly 3000 roses. It is the largest list of roses offered by any nursery in the world today, and we are proud of the hard work that goes into preserving and propagating this magnificent collection of antique and very rare roses. The size of our collection is daunting, as you will surely see when perusing the pages of this list of available varieties. Our catalogue is designed to present this collection in a simple and useful way, and our customers are devoted to it. It is broken down by historical rose classes, with an illustrated guide to the growth habits found in each rose class. We offer detailed comparative observations on color, rebloom, fragrance, growth habit, as well as specific details of date of introduction, hybridizer or introducer, and the provenance or origin our our own mother plant. We offer this last piece of information because we know that many gardeners have obtained a rose from a specific nursery, and wish to replace it with a clone from a different source. Our index of lists and suggested roses is exceptional. We have sections on roses for shade, short and tall climbers, cold climate roses, roses of unusual coloring, a 200 year time-line marked by roses introduced each year, the best of our favorite rose breeders, great rose dynasties, AARS winners we grow, and a plea for preserving old and endangered roses.


2006 Color Catalogue
Vintage Gardens 2006
Rose Catalogue

We know you can hardly go wrong ordering our catalogue, especially if your idea of a cozy evening is curling up with a book on your favorite subject. Our customers tell us again and again that it is often the last thing they read before drifting peacefully off to sleep.

The catalogue price is $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping. (You may order multiple copies of this catalogue on your invoice).
For catalogues shipped outside the USA, shipping is $20 via Airmail, and $10 surface mail (6 to 8 weeks delivery.)

Rose catalogue

Vintage Gardens Hydrangea catalogue

Our first complete Hydrangea catalogue contains photos of many the Hydrangeas we grow as well as a wealth of history and information about
the different groups of Hydrangeas and their close relatives. Our efforts to identify mislabeled varieties which always plague the nursery trade, and to eliminate errors in the hydrangeas we offer will be valuable tools to any student of this beautiful genus. We offer a complete bibliography of current literature on hydrangeas as well, which will give you a head start in your own investigations. Our principal goal has been to approach the Hydrangea from the perspective of its place in the history of horticulture, and to provide a better understanding of this much confused group of plants. This paper version of our online catalogue is a welcome item for those who prefer to learn more in the comfort of an easy chair. We know you will enjoy delving into this fascinating world of historical plants along with us. Catalogues are $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping. This is our cost of producing and mailing them. (You may order multiple copies of this catalogue on your invoice).

Hydrangea catalogue

  Hydrangea Catalog
Vintage Garden Hydrangea



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