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Welcome to Vintage Gardens!

Our thanks to you is heartfelt!

As of Tuesday, May 13, we have sold out of every rose that we had in stock.

Your orders in our final release were incredible. And we are particularly sorry that many of you did not manage to secure a single rose despite multiple efforts on your part to place orders in this last round.

We have a large number of confirmations to send out and we appreciate your patience. I expect that on May 14 all of the first pre-confirmed orders will be followed up with the official confirmation of those roses we reserved for you.

Our last round of releases from May 11th will be pre-confirmed this week and confirmations will follow the week of May 19th.

We are working now to issue refunds on all remaining credits for those who had requested refunds. These will mail out in the final two weeks of May.

You may continue to contact me regarding any issues with orders through this summer and we will do our best to resolve them. If however your concern is with plants shipped prior to 2014 and you have not contacted us before, we must insist on our terms, which until now we have bent in order to be flexible with our customers. Our terms for orders require that you contact us within a month about any roses that have failed to thrive or were damaged or lost in transit.

Our website will remain open briefly. I am very sorry that the site must close, but as we close, our ability to maintain it ends. Over the coming year the collection, now in the hands of the non-profit, The Friends of Vintage Roses, will receive my full attention as curator, and I hope to provide an online database that contains the worthy elements of the catalogue I created over 30 years, and much much more. Sharing knowledge about these rare and old roses is one of the primary objectives of the non-profit.

Looking Forward!

Thirty years have passed since the creation of Vintage Gardens in 1983. They have been exciting, challenging, and rewarding to me. The responsibility I have undertaken to try to preserve such a large volume of historic roses continues through my efforts to assist The Friends of Vintage Roses, a non profit 501(c)3, who now own my former rose collection and are working so hard to keep these roses alive.

I encourage you to join this effort by becoming a member of this worthy preservation effort.

PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING THIS WORTHWHILE GROUP! The roses that Vintage Gardens propagated for so many years will disappear without the support of those who care about them the most. THAT IS YOU!

Just go to:

-Gregg Lowery


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